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Radio advertising offers many advantages to your business including its unique combination of high reach, high targetability, and low cost.

Here Is Some Information To Help You Get The Most Bang For Your Advertising Buck!

1) Radio Advertising Reaches the Majority Of The Population
Did you know Radio reaches over 94% of the US population over 12 years old each week? This statistic comes from Arbitron's American Radio Listening Trends report. That's far more reach than Yellow Pages or Newspapers can offer you.

2) Radio Targets Your Customers
Radio can target your customers... unlike newspaper or Yellow Pages. It's able to reach the right people at the right time with the right message at the right cost... far more than TV, Newspaper, or the Yellow Pages.

3) Radio Advertising Costs Beat TV, Newspaper And The Yellow Pages
Radio advertising cost is perhaps the most important of the top three characteristics of radio advertising. The dollars you spend on radio advertising are more efficient and generate much better returns on your investment. In addition when it comes to creative development and media costs radio beats TV, newspaper, and the Yellow Pages by a significant margin.

4) Keep Your Message Simple and Consistent
Many people don't realize that if they run two or more ads in their advertising schedule, they are reducing their effective frequency. So for maximum results,  try running only one ad at a time. If you absolutely need to run different copy, have your advertising consultant construct a "shell" that remains the same, with the different copy inserted into that shell.

5) Try Concentrating Your Advertising For Better Results
It is better to dominate one medium than to water down results by spreading out your ads.

6) Test Your Advertising To Make Sure You're On The Right Track
Advertising should be an investment, not an expense. Smart business people know they need to test their ads, their schedules, and their media. The best way to do a test is to run one ad and one schedule at a time - and see what happens to your traffic and your cash register.

7) Keep Advertising To Maintain A Steady Stream Of Business
If you want to keep the business you have and bring in new customers you must get your name and your products or services in front of your customers and prospects, and keep them there. Most businesses lose up to 25% of their customers each year to relocation, competitors or death.



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